Tuesday, October 30, 2007

25 years of Masochism!!

I am getting very fired up for my next race---the Mountain Masochist 50 mile Trail Race, otherwise known as MMTR. This event is part of the Montrail Ultra cup and is celebrating its 25 year under the leadership of David Horton. Next year, David will turn over the reins to Clark Zealand, so this is an extra special year to run the race, as it will be David's last one as R.D.

I have run MMTR twice before---in 2003, it was my first 50, and I suffered terribly with a hip flexor strain but managed to finish in 10:25 alongside Ryan Henry, whom I met on the trail and has since become a very good friend. In 2006, I ran a faster time (9:40) but I know I can break 9:30, so that is my goal this year.

Today, my training partner Bill Potts and I went into Ragged Mountain Running Shop here in C'Ville for some last minute coaching from owner Mark Lorenzoni, who has coached me for the past two years. Mark is an awesome coach and his wise words: "Even if you feel great, slow down!!" He is right. I hammered the first half last year and paid for it. This year, Mark had me run big mileage weeks in July and August and I did some intense speedwork in September and October, so I feel better prepared than ever. We'll see...the weather report looks awesome!

There will be some excellent women out on the trail...Nikki Kimball, Krissy Moehl, Annette Bednosky, and Bethany Patterson, just to name a few. Montrail will have many runners there and I am looking forward to seeing some of my Montrail-Nathan teammates.

It is absolutely gorgeous in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia right now---the leaves are turning and the skies are bright blue. I will run this race with a heart full of gratitude for my health and fitness, and the chance to play in the mountains all day with my friends. And the best part is that Rusty and Virginia will be at the finish line waiting for me...woo-hoo!


Trail Goat said...

I can't wait to run my first MMTR this weekend! Any hints for a "rookie"? ;-)

The women's field is awesome. While the men's field isn't awful, it's not even close to the championship caliber of the women's race. With my current lack of solid training, I'm just hoping for Top 10... in the women's race!

Sophie Speidel said...


The only thing I would suggest is to save something for the second half, and not get too carried away with the easy downhills in the first half.

This is a very runnable---all runnable---course, even the single track sections. Enjoy it! See you tonight!