Friday, June 20, 2008

Grindstone Training: Week 1, June 16-22

I enjoy reading other blogs to see what kind of training folks are doing to get ready for their races, so I decided to jump in and post my training for Grindstone 100 on October 3-4, as well as my thoughts and worries, concerns and hopes for the race. I welcome fact, I need feedback! Please share your thoughts, I want to learn as much as I can from other runners. I am using the same training plan that worked so well for me at the Mountain Masochist 50 in 2007. It calls for a build up to about 80+ mpw about 2-3 months out with very little speedwork, then mileage in the 50-60 range with track work of long intervals. I will probably add more hill climbing and hopefully have a few more 80+ weeks into September before tapering.

The first real week of training commenced with the Highland Sky 40 race (see post below). I rested Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (that means no running, just sleeping, recovering, and a short strength training session on Tuesday: mostly core strength work with a Swiss ball).

Wednesday: Easy 8 miles on hilly trails and dirt with Bill Potts (my fast training partner who is a dirt ultrarunner training for his first road marathon in October).

Thursday: Easy 5 miles on trails near my house with my Aussie Shepherd, Jack. The weather in VA this week was spectacular...morning lows in the 50s, high only near 70, low humidity. I felt great after the run!

Friday: am: 9ish miles around the Ragged Mountain Reservoir on single track, rolling hills. Very easy, ran all the hills.
pm: I took my daughter to lacrosse camp near Shenandoah National Park, so I took advantage of being so close to White Oak Canyon and went for a 2.5 hour, 8.5 mile jaunt up the falls to the horse trail and then down Cedar Run (very rocky and technical, and about 2600 feet of climb). I brought Jack with me--he loved it, and it made me feel safer. He went after a bear cub (yikes) but came quickly when I called him. Good boy! He is only 9 months old and still in training.

Saturday: I will rest and take my son to lacrosse camp in Baltimore, then go to DC to watch my 14-year-old son play in a lacrosse tournament (yes, there is a theme here).

Sunday: Run in Rock Creek park with Keith Knipling, distance TBA. Looking forward to catching up with Keith after his OD100 finish (second by 7 minutes) and hearing about Hardrock training. **update** I had a great run with Keith this a.m. He took me on parts of the Potomac Heritage Trail 50K course in DC, Glover-Archibald Park and Rock Creek Park trails. I had fun pointing out the various houses where I lived while growing up in DC, as well as where I hung out with the boys in high school (Battery-Kimball Park). I took 60 ounces of water, a GU, and a bag of Clif Shots, and ate/drank it all in our 3 hours/17 miles on the trail. Keith, by contrast, had ONE sip of water from a water fountain. No lie! Unbelievable. Keith is ready for his Hardrock adventure...he kicked my ass while I suffered running his "easy" pace. Good times, Keith! Thanks for the great workout.

I am guessing this recovery week will yield about 45+ miles. Next week my plan calls for 70 miles so I am glad for the rest!


I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

Sophie your training makes me feel tired! I continue to be in awe of the busy life you lead and the mileage (and hard effort runs) you are able to put in. If you are recovering well keep it up!

As I have told you before I manage to run ultras on 50 miles per week average. Some weeks when I do LONG runs I may get in 80-90, but that is always followed by a 20-35 mile week so it balances out. I definately feel that the higher mileage (anything above 60per weeek for me) necessitates a big increase in the amount of sleep I need. If I don't get it I break down.
My best running was when I did regular tempo runs of 2-12 miles. Neglecting speed of some kind makes the ultrarunner keep it in your program!

I hope to get some miles in with you as GS aproaches. good luck!

Sophie Speidel said...


I have found that 70-80 mpw yielded me great results for Masochists, so I am following the same training program (created by Mark Lorenzoni) with a bit more mileage and climbs/descents for Gstone. Like you, one thing I do each week is a tempo run of 5-7 miles but I am staying off the track until August. Too much track work burns me out and makes me injury-prone. Tempo runs at 7:20 pace (my half-marathon pace) really make a difference for me, and I do them on trails and on dirt.

I will be out on the Gstone course a lot this summer, so come join us!


running etc said...

See?!!! See?!!! Drinking is a crutch. Keith proves it. hahaha.

Great comeback week, buddy. Looking for to jumping in with you whenever I can.