Monday, November 17, 2008

Back In Business

It's less than four weeks until Hellgate 100K, so last week I decided to test my recovery and legs:

Monday I took off, then on Tuesday I ran easy for about an hour and lifted. Wednesday was my first track workout since before Grindstone. After a 10-minute WU, I ran 3x 1200 with the 800 hill surge in the middle. My goal was to hit splits near to those during the Gstone training cycle. I was very pleased (but tired) at the end:
4:57/8:20, 4:55/8:12, 4:56/8:14. I then ran a few miles over to the powerlines and tested myself on the climb: 1:05, 1:06, 1:08. Whew! Not my fastest, but I am pleased given the leaves covering the rocks.

Thursday I took off and Friday I swam and lifted.

Saturday, while my roadie friends were dealing with temps in the 70s and full sun at the Richmond Marathon, I was running two hours easy on the Rivanna Trail in torrential downpours and temps in the 60s (and humidity!). Props to Quatro and Bill Gentry who ran the Richmond Marathon and toughed out the awful conditions in fine time. Ultrarunners are just plain tough!

Sunday we had a cold front move in and very cold temps in the 30s. I ran about 20 miles on the AT/Rip Rap/Wildcat Ridge trails with Ed Duval. This is my new favorite run. It has very tough climbs, awesome singletrack, and gorgeous waterfalls and rivers alongside the trail. Here are the GPS details. Perfect training for Hellgate with a few rocky, leaf-covered sections thrown in.

Today I am feeling tired but my legs are fine---it was a good week. My next (and last) long run will be the annual Death March in the SNP over Thanksgiving weekend with the VHTRC---one of my favorite runs of the year.


Footfeathers said...

Ah, I miss the trails there sometimes, especially this time of year. Nice effort you put in this week. Hellgate should be a great adventure for you!

Sophie Speidel said...

Thanks, Tim.

I checked out your web page...hope things are looking up for you. Running is a great problem-solver, yes?