Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rivanna Ring, four years later

In 2005, a few friends and I organized a run around Charlottesville on the Rivanna Trail, the 21-mile urban trail that encircles our little town. Two days before the run, we were hit by significant rainstorms and flooding, forcing us to re-route the course at the 11th hour. Over 60 VHTRC and WVMTR friends joined us that day for a true urban trail running experience. Anstr Davidson took some great pics here.

Yesterday, a few VHTRC buddies and a lone WVMTR renegade joined me for the Rivanna Ring, 2009 version. Marc Griffin and Marlin Yoder, fellow ultrarunners who live over the the Shenandoah Valley, had asked about running the RR, so I set the date and let the usual suspects know about it. At 0700, a small group was waiting at Greenberry's to get started on the adventure. We had relatively dry trail with a few isolated icy patches, low river crossings, and perfect weather. Unlike 2005, when we had to run on roads to bypass the flooded areas, we were able to run the complete trail, railroad trestle crossing and all (I chose to bypass the RR trestle this year and opted to get my legs wet instead---a small price to pay to stay alive).

The Rivanna Trail is an amazing gem for Charlottesville runners. The folks at the Rivanna Trails Foundation sponsor trailwork days on the second Saturday of each month, and as a result of the hard work of volunteers over the years, the RT offers 21 miles of rolling singletrack trail through quiet pine forests and along creekbeds, a paved 3-mile section for a change of terrain, and is always within a mile of the center of the city. When we run the Rivanna Ring, we do it "self-supported": we bring our own water and aid and supplement at mile 5 at Hardee's and mile 10 at CVS. It is a tough run in that there are very few hills to climb---you are always running! But that's
the point, right?

Here are a few pics from the run:

Along Moore's Creek

Crossing Meadowcreek

Wooo-hooo...into the sun, running with friends, life is good...

Four hours later, all done, time for coffee and breakfast! View the rest of the pics from our adventure here.


farmgirl said...

Soph, today was exquisite at the farm.
Although yesterday on your run I bet you enjoyed the cooler temps.
Jack needs to come over and play with Finn.
What else is going on?

jonesey95 said...

I'm jealous! I ran the Ring with Jeff and his buddy Greg last April, and it was a blast. It looks like it was a little colder for you guys -- it was 70 and sunny when we finished, and we were all overdressed.

Chris Jones

Thomas Bussiere said...

Nice pics. Looks like it was a great run, and with friends. The best way to start the day off.

Meemaw said...

I really enjoy your commentary and come I'm not on your followers list? Mom

Meemaw said...

I really enjoy your running journals! How can I get on your follower's list as are MCC and Kenzie? Love, Mom

Sophie Speidel said...


I'll put you on my followers list. :-)

Kiry said...

Looks like a great run Sophie. I think Kerry and I were skiing for the first one . . . will have to make it down there for a loop!

Logan Spangler said...

Looks like a beautiful run, Mrs. Speidel.

Ad Coelum said...

You aren't kidding about the dangers of that railroad trestle. For anyone planning to do a circumnavigation of the Rivanna Trail (or any crossing of Moore's Creek at Woolen Mills), that is an ACTIVE RAILROAD. I was run down by a freight train this afternoon after thinking that the Rivanna Trail *must* cross there, since it dumps you out right there with no warning or signage.