Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Best of Ultrarunning for my 100 miler peeps

Grindstone 100 opened entry today.

Bill Potts, my training buddy here in town, signed up. It will be his first 100. He will suffer.

I signed up too. Full moon and the Chimney Hollow Trail...perfect!

To others who are running Gstone, Umstead or Barkley (both this weekend), MMT or any other 100 miler this year, check out Bill Gentry's blog for some perfect ultrarunning quotes and inspiration. Gentry should know...he is old school ultrarunning.

Have an awesome race at Umstead, buddy!


running etc said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Soph! BTW, it's only Wednesday and I'm already packed! Can you BELIEVE it?!

MAN am i gettin' fired up! :)

wvapoker said...

I am glad to see the BP is attempting his 1st 100M in October instead of July. Bill's body rebels in the heat. ;)

Rick Gray said...

Sophie, I pushed the button yesterday for Grindstone also. Potts will certainly liven things up a bit. Rick

Griffin said...

Looks like all the usuals are starting to sign up for GS. Should be another great 100. Now the hard part starts..... Training!!!!

Griffin said...

I saw some unoffical results for Umstead and it looks like Gentry finished in 20 hours and change!!!

Run Home Pam said...

Hi Sophie. I see there are four women now signed up for Grindstone. There go my podium chances! Hee hee.