Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Western States Boot Camp weekend!

My training buddy Bill is running his second 100 and first Western States in less than four weeks. He has been training all spring for the "big dance" as some people call it...Boston Marathon, followed by Promise Land 50K five days later. Then it was off the the Grand Canyon with the boys from West Virginia for a two day crossing, followed up 4 days later with a 20/23/20 training weekend, which included 23 miles on the Grindstone course and 20 miles on RipRap in 90 degree heat. During the week he's been kicking my butt on the track. We think he's ready to go!

I just sent him this link to a recent blog post that shows all the SNOW out on the WS course...including 6 feet at Robinson Flat!

All this WS training has been good for me as well. I am starting to taper a bit for Highlands Sky 40 but first we have have one more tough run: The Priest and Three Ridges on Saturday!

Memorial Day Boot Camp is a fun time of year---great adventures with new and old friends, different trails to explore, heat to acclimate to, gorgeous flora and frisky fauna (we had a bear check us out 20 yards off the AT last week), and good climbing and descending miles, and the satisfaction at the end of it all of putting money in the bank!!

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Rick Gray said...

Certainly sounds like Potts is ready. R2R2R with the West Virginia boys and then finish up with Western States is certainly a year to remember. Sounds like you have been training him hard. You have certainly coached him correctly and I know he appreciates your help.