Sunday, October 9, 2011


Runners await the start of the 2011 Grindstone 100

At the start of the fourth annual Grindstone 100, David Horton said a prayer that set the tone for the entire weekend. He prayed for the safety of the runners and crews, and then gave thanks for the privilege of being able to run this race.


For those who can run long distances in the mountains over trails, in beautiful weather surrounded by the support of family and friends, it is truly a privilege.

With Drew and his pacer Bob. Grindstone was Drew's first 100

 To share training runs and racing plans, give advice and tips, offer pacing and crew help to newcomers...

Clark Zealand, David Horton, Andy Jones-Wilkins
To befriend some of the greatest runners in the sport (who are humbled by the same injuries that plague the rest of us)...

Dowells Draft, mile 20/80

 To spend the day in the mountains with nothing to do but run, hydrate, eat, and enjoy the views...
View towards Elliott's Knob
To pace a friend in his second 100 miler, sharing news of the race, reminding him to eat and drink, and joining in as he hammers past at least 15 runners...

Rob Colenso at Lookout Mountain aid station, mile 72

                                         More than a privilege. An honor.

Congratulations to all the Grindstone runners and finishers, especially Drew Krueger and Rob Colenso!