Thursday, December 6, 2012


As I have written here before, there is nothing like the Hellgate 100K to cap off the year, and this year's race will be extra special as Hellgate 2012 will mark the final ultra of my 40's! The past ten years of ultrarunning have introduced me to the most amazing, talented, and generous people, and the video below is a tribute to my favorite race and the friends who, over the years, have made the event so special. I filmed it in 2008 at the pr-race dinner, asking friends to respond to the simple question, "What one word describes Hellgate?" I also filmed the sunrise and full moon over Headforemost Mountain (mile 26), a section of the Devil Trail (mile 36), the final climb from the last aid station (mile 60), and the aftermath at the lodge. There are also photos of runners whom you might recognize--runners from far and near who made the trek to learn about what makes the event so epic, some of whom we miss very much, as they have moved away or who are no longer running trails. Enjoy...hopefully you will get a sense of what all the fuss is about, and perhaps make a promise to join us in 2013!