Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving in Virginia

(view from Old Rag at sunrise, 11.29.08 by Deb Shaffer)

What a joyous Thanksgiving! We celebrated with the entire Carpenter side of the family at Elysium after the annual Boar's Head Turkey Trot... then I spent Saturday with my closest friends in the VHTRC running 26 miles near Old Rag and Hawksbill Mountain in the Shenandoah National Park.

In reflecting on 2008, I find I am most thankful for...

Family gatherings We had a very special Thanksgiving as everyone was able to come and spend time together in a gorgeous setting.

(the gang at Thanksgiving)

Running on beautiful mountain trails with my friends while sharing the ups and downs of parenting, training, racing, living...

(a few VHTRC friends at the start of the Old Rag/Hawksbill run)

Living and working in this beautiful part of the country...

(the view from Elysium of Afton Mountain)

Racing this year on tough trails, thanks to the tireless efforts of race and run directors David Horton, Clark Zealand, Dan Lehmann, Adam Cassiday, Dennis Herr, Quatro Hubbard, Keith Knipling, Mike Bur, Kerry Owens, the Uwharrie gals, and the VHTRC.

(Old Rag Mountain)

My family---Rusty, Chapin, Carter, and Virginia, and our puppies Jack and Sky. They are the lights of my life.

What are you most thankful for this year? I would love to know.


Marlin Yoder said...

Family, great friends, lovely surroundings and good health to enable us to enjoy all of these! Your entry says it all. The run Saturday was awesome!

Rick Gray said...

2008 has brought each of us so many things to be thankful for. God, who protects us each and every day. Our family who stick with us through thick and thin. My trail running friends who have been around for several years and to those new ones that I have been able to chat with and have been able to get to know better. Your post shows several beautiful pictures. Every time I venture out in the woods, I see and experience different things. We are so lucky to be able to come and go in our country's mountains and experience first hand it's beauty. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Rick

Andy said...

Hi Sophie!
Wow, what an awesome set of photos! Can we come next time!!!

annette bednosky said...

Thank you Sophie for your life-filled presence and always being a reminder of goodness in life! I am thankful that you and people like you and other running friends and non-running friends so selflessly share energy, experiences and good wishes!

I am thankful for healing and George and kitty Mama Grey and being warm or being cold and able to get warm and having a stable place to live. And for having a job and vision and hope and dreams and live in mountains and have plans and for sharing inspirations!

sk8dog76 said...

On top of the usual things like family and friends. One other thing i have to add is a great new training partner that i met this summer, that with out her i couldnt have made it through Grindstone or hopefully after this weekend the Beast Series.