Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big miles

Aaahhhh, the dog days of August. It means summer is almost over, school is right around the corner, and that Grindstone training is kicking my butt.

Actually, AJW is kicking my butt and I am just allowing it to happen. Two weeks ago I took a much-needed cutback week while at the beach. I returned refreshed and ready for the pain and suffering, so AJW sent me a plan for the next three week cycle that includes 80+ miles per week and ladders on the track. He has prepped me well for these ladders with 1200 repeats throughout July, so now it is time to add some speed at the "shorter" distances. Thursday was the first ladder: 2 mile wu then 200, 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 and 200. I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't hit all my splits given the 83 miles I ran last week, the stressors of life lately and the heatwave we are having...but I not only hit my splits, I ran each at least 2-3 seconds faster. I am very happy about that and next week I will add another 1600 at the top of the ladder with faster splits and less rest between intervals so I am excited to see what I can do. It has been fun to have a new challenge with different track workouts and tempo runs.

Here are some pics from recent Grindstone training runs on the Priest and Three Ridges with Bill Potts, Bill Gentry, Quatro and Rhonda, on the Grindstone 100 course with the motley crew of Clark, Horton and Company, and at Martha Moats Baker 50K with the VHTRC crew...some big miles and big climbs on these gorgeous trails. Check out what we found on the course:

this fella

as well as this fella

and these views from atop Elliotts Knob, the highest point on the Gstone course at 4400+ feet (above) and Reddish Knob, 4300+ feet and mile 50 of Gstone (right, with Hallie):

Rocks on the Three Ridges climb (left) and Martha Moats Baker's grave (right)
(pics by Bobby Gill, Quatro Hubbard and Billy Potts)

More pics of Martha Moats Baker 50K are here.


Rick Gray said...

Sophie, From the sounds of things, you are over the top on your Grindstone training. Reading about your ladders brings back memories from cross country training. Keep up the great training. You are going to be a blur on the Grindstone course. Rick

Run Home Pam said...

Wow, Sophie, you are going to kick that course into the ground!! Awesome training runs.

With a heavy heart, I had to pull myself off the G'stone list. I've had so many injuries this summer that I haven't been able to train properly. (Never been injured in my life before this year. Weird.) I am sitting here icing my ankle as I type this.

Stay strong. Believe me, I'll be thinking of you out there!


Sophie Speidel said...


So sorry to hear that you have been dealing with injuries this summer and that you had to bail from Grindstone. You are a very smart runner--no one should attempt that race (or any 100 miler) with a nagging injury or two. There will be other races and you will be glad you waited! Hope you heal up quick.

Thanks for your kind words of support. I will think of you on race night/day/night!